Assembly/packaging Main-forte MontrealAssembly/packaging Main-forte MontrealBagging : Everything that needs to be counted and placed in a bag. We offer a service for sealing items in a plastic bag, for example: count and insert plastic utensils, fold t-shirts, put together utensil kits for restaurants, assemble coffee kits for hotels.


Preparation for mass mailings : We are capable of preparing everything for a mass mailing campaign. We put together documents, fold them, insert in envelopes, apply mailing stickers, close the envelope, apply the stamp and deliver to the post office.

Packaging : We insert gift items in different packages. We will package anything that can be processed while sitting at a table.

Other services : We have cut ribbons, put programs together for a show, we've placed stickers for a change of address, sharpened pencils for a competition, put together gift bags for a golf tournament, sorted business cards...

Main-forte MontrealMain-forte Montreal