Rodney Mc Rae / Production manager

Experienced and still motivated, Rodney places his dynamism at the service of Main-forte.

Carolle Loyer / Treasurer

Carolle is our figures and keys holder, our "oiling system".

Carmen Ayllon / Secretary

Her calm, listening, mastering of french, english and -of course- spanish languages destined her to this function.

Special thanks to our affiliates:

  • Clévis Cabrera
  • Thérèse Panneton
  • Yves Favreault
  • Hélène Grégoire

... and of course all our participating members!

Roch de Repentigny / President

Roch is a guarantee that humour and involvement always go hand in hand,                 for over 25 years in Main-forte!

Diane St-Laurent / Vice-president

Diane is our "happy warrior"; always ready to promote and defend Main-forte's interests.

Renée Caron / General Manager

In the business since 1993, Renée is both soul and driving force of Main-forte Montréal.

Bertrand Rougeron /

Executive assistant

Since 2013, he assists the general manager and manages web communication.